This page contains links to news regarding the campaign to elect David Berger as Judge of the Superior Court. For links to news about the cases I have prosecuted, please go to the "Cases" page.

Hon. John J. Duran, Mayor of West Hollywood, Endorses David Berger for Judge
April 14, 2018

I am delighted to announce that John J. Duran, Esq., Mayor pro tempore of the City of West Hollywood, has endorsed my candidacy for Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 71.

I offer my deep thanks and sincere appreciation for Mayor Duran's endorsement.

The Hon. Judge Stephanie Saunter Endorses David Berger for Judge
April 14, 2018

Good things happen when you least expect it. By sheer chance I met Judge Stephanie Saunter (ret) while she was sitting on assignment  at the Airport Courthouse. We struck up a conversation and I was delighted to hear that not only was she aware of my candidacy, but she wholeheartedly endorsed it.

Judge Saunter is something of a legend and trailblazer at the Airport Courthouse where she was the Presiding Judge before her retirement in 2013. Judge Saunter was a NYPD Detective before ‘going west’ and studying law at Whittier College of Law. She passed the bar and her first job was working as a researcher for “People’s Court” a popular tv show where she worked with Harvey Levin, a Professor at Whittier. Yes, the Harvey Levin of TMZ fame. In 1984, she was hired as a Deputy City Attorney and headed the Slum Housing Taskforce where she attracted national media attention by requiring a Beverly Hills doctor to live in one of his slums. In 1992, she ran for election as judge, motivated in part by the fact that one of her opponents had opposed enforcement of slumlord probation conditions, and in part by then Governor Pete Wilson’s veto of anti-sexual orientation discrimination legislation. Judge Saunter’s election victory made her the county’s first openly lesbian judge.

I value Judge Saunter’s endorsement highly and am immensely proud to have received it. To read more about Judge Saunter’s career, please CLICK HERE to read the article published by the Metropolitan News-Enterprise on her retirement.

Latino Prosecutors Association Endorses David Berger for Judge, Office No. 71
April 12, 2018

Very proud and deeply honored to announce that the Latino Prosecutors Association has endorsed me for Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 71.

Many thanks to LPA President Richard Ceballos and all LPA members for their vote of support.

Metropolitan News-Entrprise Profiles for Office No.71
March 27, 2018

"Deputy District Attorney David Berger is pitted against former criminal defense attorney ..."
Read the full article here:

Los Angeles Times Endorses David Berger for Judge of the Superior Court "Berger is the best choice."

Metropolitan News-Enterprise Endorses David Berger for Judge of the Superior Court "One candidate in this race stands out: Deputy District Attorney David Berger"

Deputy District Attorney David Berger to run for Judge.