Wednesday, May 11, 2016

LA Times Endorses David Berger for Judge of the Superior Court

Voters have a tough choice when it comes to the Judicial Elections. There's precious little information out there to guide their choices, so when the LA Times weighs in on who they think is best qualified for the job, voters tend to pay attention. On April 28, 2016 the LA Times endorsed David Berger for Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 158, concluding "Berger is the best choice."

The LA Times said:

Office 158: David A. Berger.

One of the best services to voters puzzling over how to vote for judge is the set of candidate ratings produced by the Los Angeles County Bar Assn., the region’s largest voluntary organization of attorneys. The County Bar’s Judicial Elections Evaluations Committee engages in a review of the candidates and places each of them in one of four categories, from Exceptionally Well Qualified to Not Qualified. The Times often agrees with the committee’s assessments.

But not always. This year’s ratings have not yet been published but the Metropolitan News-Enterprise has reported that Berger was rated Not Qualifed. The Times nevertheless finds him to be the best of the candidates in this particular race.

As a deputy district attorney, and as a candidate for Los Angeles city attorney, Berger was never shy about expressing his opinion, including about his rivals.

He has a long and successful record as a prosecutor, and his free expression of opinion in that capacity does not make him less fit to serve impartially as a judge.

Deputy Attorney General Kim L. Nguyen is keenly intelligent and capable and would also make a good judge, but could benefit from another few years of experience before taking the bench.

Also running are Deputy District Attorney Fred Mesropi, Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Onica Valle Cole, and Van Nuys sole practitioner Naser “Nas” Khoury. Among the five, Berger is the best choice.

(For the full text of the Editorial Board's endorsement of Berger and other candidates, click here.)

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