David Berger is a Deputy District Attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. David is the third generation of a Los Angeles family, and the first generation to obtain a post-graduate degree. David, an immigrant, has lived in Los Angeles since 1989, and is married with two children. David holds law degrees from the University of London and Loyola Law School Los Angeles. 

By the time of the March 2020 Primary Election David will have 24 years of experience at the District Attorney's Office and has ethically, effectively, and fairly handled almost every type of case. David has endorsements from Judges, Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors, all of whom know him to be an excellent candidate for the role of a Judge.

Rehabilitation not Retribution
David was chosen to be the District Attorney's Office Alternative Sentencing Designee, where he worked with Judges, Public Defenders, and Rehabilitation Programs to place suitable non-violent candidates into intensive programs through the Community Collaborative Courts, including:
  • Drug Court
  • Veteran's Court 
  • Co-Existing Disorders Court
  • Second Chance Womens' Re-Entry Courts
You rarely see ceremonies and celebrations in a courtroom
but Graduation Day in Drug Court is such an important event
that lawyers, judges, and graduates drop the formality and celebrate
the successes of people who have changes their lives for the better.
These programs give offenders the opportunity, guidance, and support to change their lives, to help them escape the revolving door of the criminal justice system, and to encourage them to become productive members of society. 

Juvenile Justice - Reform or Refocus?
Reforms to the criminal justice system for the most part are focused on adults who are already incarcerated. Many of them have records that stretch back to the time when they were juveniles. The goal of the juvenile system is to rehabilitate young offenders and David's experience in the criminal justice system has convinced him that he can best continue his career in public service by becoming a judge in the juvenile courts. It is there that a judge has the opportunity to change the lives of young people.

As a child, two of the biggest influences on David's life were fictional characters in tv shows - Perry Mason in America, and Rumpole of the Bailey in England.

Both were champions for truth and justice.