Monday, March 12, 2018

Proud to Announce Endorsement from Steve Cooley, District Attorney for Los Angeles County (2000-2012)

I am very proud and deeply honored to announce that the Hon. Steve Cooley, District Attorney for Los Angeles County (2000-2012), has endorsed my 2018 candidacy for Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 71, with these words: “Berger is very smart, principled, and sees the dynamics of complex situations. He is also courageous.

It was a privilege for me to serve as a Deputy District Attorney during Mr. Cooley's historic 3-terms as LA's District Attorney. I will never forget sitting in the assembly hall at the Hall of Administration where the Board of Supervisors usually sits. It was where our Saturday seminars were held. On a Saturday morning following Mr. Cooley's swearing in, he took a few moments to introduce himself to address us; the rank and file line deputies.

He started by introducing us to the members of his new administration, and spoke about some of his goals such as establishing the Public Integrity Division to investigate and prosecute corruption by elected officials, and the Justice System Division to similarly root out corruption in the legal profession. He spoke also of a policy to change the way that Third Strikes cases were to be treated so as to avoid unduly harsh sentences. These were exciting times.

But the one thing that stood out in my mind above all else, was what Mr. Cooley told us he expected of us; "Do the right thing." Those simple four words became my mantra as my career as a prosecutor progressed. It is a mantra I will take with me if I am fortunate enough to be elected Judge of the Superior Court.

So my thanks are not just to Mr. Cooley for his endorsement, but also to Mr. Cooley for being a great leader and inspiration.

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